The first step to added comfort and savings is to know where you are losing energy.

Power Down America is an unbiased third party. We do not sell windows, insulation or any other weatherizing products. Our sole interest is to identify and quantify the leakage of your home and recommend cost-effective solutions to remedy the problem areas. A certified professional will evaluate your current utility bills, visually inspect your property, record the window and door locations, shading factors, skylights, lighting, appliances, insulation levels, and mechanical equipment (furnace, air conditioner, water heater) efficiencies and safety.

A series of diagnostic tests will then be performed using a specialized Blower Door, Duct Blaster and Infrared Imager to determine the location and amount of leakage. A report will be generated from all the gathered data giving you recommendations and cost-effective solutions to make your home comfortable and save you money.

  • Blower Door

    The Blower Door is typically set up in the entry way door. Its powerful fan is designed to de-pressurize the dwelling (pulls air out) to exaggerate the leakage areas. The air being expelled is replaced by outside air through cracks or holes in the building’s shell.

  • Duct Blaster

    Similar to the Blower Door, The Duct Blaster forces air through the duct work, again to exaggerate and pinpoint the leakage areas.

  • Infrared Imager

    Thermography is the process of taking photographs with an infrared camera to detect temperature differences on surfaces throughout the home, coupled with use of the Blower Door it can easily identify where your home is compromised (air infiltration) and lack of insulation in walls and ceilings.

All three of these specialized instruments as well as a certified rater approved by RESNET and BPI, are required to obtain the most effective and comprehensive energy audit.

Power Down America provides you with accurate, reliable information to help you save money and decide the optimal options for your home.

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Power Down America exceeds the industry standards in professional home energy audits. We are an independent, trusted third party that does not sell any products. Our sole purpose is to identify energy loss. You can trust that your home and comfort are in our best interest.