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Seal it up and save

Did you know that around 20% of the air that moves through your home’s duct system could be lost to leaks? How do you know if this is happening to you? You can call Power Down America for an energy assessment and find out.

The worst case Pat Farrell has witnessed involved a homeowner with high energy bills who had a duct system that was completely unconnected and was cooling the attic for them! Not good. People want their living area cooled, not the attic. With summer coming now is a great time to get a complete home assessment and find out if there are things you can do to increase your comfort during our hot days. Right now you can seal up and save $200 or more a year on your energy bill.

Let SRP or APS help with up to $400 in rebates for qualified testing and repairs. 

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Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires, sucking energy instead of blood.

When our friends leave their cabin in the mountains they are sure to unplug every cord they can to avoid unnecessary electrical charges. This is a good idea no matter if your home is in the mountains or the valley because some devices may be sucking up your electricity and money without you even knowing. If you have SRP you can find out how much each device is sucking and stop the bleeding.  To get started, borrow a Kill A Watt meter from a nearby public library and stop the energy vampires today.

HERS isn’t just for new construction

Not just for new homes…existing homes benefit from a HERS index score!!

The HERS Index has become so much a part of the Greater Phoenix housing market that existing home owners are retrofitting their homes to improve their home’s HERS Index Score.

According to RESNET, as part of preparing to be put up for sale, a 1960 ranch style home in South Scottsdale was retrofitted and rated.  The home originally was rated at a HERS Index Score of 160 and after the retrofit achieved a HERS Index Score of 66.  With the new score the home is now competitive to a newly constructed home in the Phoenix market.

This is a clear indication that the HERS Index can be an important tool in the existing homes market in addition to new construction. Let us know if you would like more information on the HERS index.  

Autism Speaks & Team Stryke

Pat Farrell rocking the beverage cart sponsorship.

Pat Farrell rocking the beverage cart sponsorship.

Power Down America rocks the beverage cart sponsorship for Autism Speaks and Stryke Team this past weekend. Our team didn’t win the tournament, however we helped raise some money, had fun, and kept the golfers well hydrated.

Here is a link for the autism speaks walk.

Power Down America is again Awarded the Exclusive City of Scottsdale Home Energy Audit Contract

Power Down America is pleased to announce they have again been chosen by the City of Scottsdale and awarded the contract for 2014 Home Performance Audits and Report Services on their behalf. Under the contract, they will be working throughout the City of Scottsdale.

“We are happy to be working closely with the City of Scottsdale to help residents achieve optimal energy efficiency in their homes, especially during the hot summer weather we experience in Arizona,” says Pat Farrell, owner and founder of Power Down America. “These are the months where energy bills are at their highest, sometimes two to three times the average bill during other times of the year. In addition to saving money on utility bills and solving comfort issues, the home energy audits we perform help residents with two very important points – conserve energy and improve the air quality in their home.”

Power Down America was chosen and awarded the contract in response to the Formal Invitation for Bid for Solicitation Number 14IP004. This is the second consecutive year of receiving the award for contract from the City of Scottsdale and Power Down America has performed the city’s audits since 2012. The City of Scottsdale chooses the company to be awarded the contract after all received proposals have been reviewed and evaluated for completeness, responsiveness, responsibility, pricing and any other evaluation criteria as required in the solicitation bid.

Power Down America, LLC is a leading Phoenix AZ energy efficiency home assessment company – an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified, and Home Energy Rating System(HERS) rater. They have received BPI and HERS training and certification, providing home energy assessments and ratings. Power Down America is an independent third-party home audit company, which provides an honest, unbiased assessment of home energy needs for Arizona residents.

Click here to view the press release.

Misconceptions of an Energy Efficient Mortgage

HERS rating for an EEM

One of the biggest misconceptions of an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM) is that the process creates a lot of extra paperwork or that it will delay the closing date. From the day we are contacted by the mortgage company inquiring about doing the HERS rating for an EEM, to the close of the project, on average is only 5 days. That includes scheduling and performing the rating, recommending improvements that will garner the largest savings, helping the home owner/buyer obtain bids from contractors, and deliver the appropriate paperwork to the underwriters.

The process is seamless and has been proven time and time again. It is a great program that allows anyone purchasing or refinancing a home using a FHA mortgage to make energy improvements to the house that they otherwise may not have been able to afford, making the home more comfortable and lowering the monthly utility bills.

Contact Power Down America or your mortgage broker to find out more information on Energy Efficient Mortgages.

The Energy Assessment Process

The energy audit typically begins by sitting down with the home owner to identify any know issues or concerns they may be having.

Next is a visual inspection noting window characteristics, checking for efficiency ratings on the mechanical equipment (AC, furnace and water heater), inspecting insulation levels & quality and looking for duct leaks in the attic space.

Infrared camera checking for hot spots

Infrared camera checking for hot spots

The second stage of the process is diagnostic testing. The Blower Door (a frame & fan) will be installed in the entry door and be used to de-pressurize the home. The air that is being pulled out of the house will be replaced through any infiltration areas so we can quantify how “leaky” the home is. With the fan running we will use an infra-red camera to pinpoint any air movement or hot spots to help the contractors concentrate their efforts accordingly.

Lastly we will test the duct system using either a Duct Blaster or pressure pans to see how much if any leakage is going through the duct work. After the assessment is complete we put the gathered data into a home analyzer software, which will produce a detailed report with recommendations and potential energy & money savings to help you prioritize the improvement process. When work has been completed we will perform a test out to ensure the contractors’ measures were successful. Then we will facilitate and process the paperwork for any qualifying rebates. We are always available for questions, concerns and referrals.

Learn more about our $99 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program.