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Power Down America can help you with the City of Phoenix new home 2018 International Residential Code Requirements!

We can help you obtain the Energy Efficiency Certification for the City of Phoenix.

Power Down America can help you with the City of Phoenix new residential building code.  We are Energy experts who specialize in residential energy efficiency and this is just one of our offerings. In 2018 Phoenix adopted building codes for new construction, 2018 International Residential Code. In Chapter 11 you will find there are now REQUIRED air leakage minimums along with additional new requirements.

Power Down America will be testing all of these areas for our customers:

Building Envelope Air Leakage

Air Changes Per Hour (Max 5)

Dust System Air Leakage

Ceiling R or U Value

Crawl Space R Value

Ducts outside of thermal envelope R Value

Heating System Efficiency

Cooling System Efficiency

Water Heating Efficiency

Basement Wall R Value

Fenestration U Value

Skylight U Factor

We offer this third party testing for an affordable rate to local general contractors and have built a reputation as the go to company for new residential construction post testing. We have successfully completed many of the required certificates for our customers and are very experienced/familiar with the process and requirements. Please give us a call today if we can be of help with your new home in Phoenix or any city in the Valley. 480-326-9086

Duct Testing Saves $

COST-lady-hot-summerDo you have hot or cold rooms in your home? What about excessive dust and allergies inside? People struggling with these temperature variations might not realize most of their conditioned air is escaping through duct leaks instead of flowing into their living spaces. Did you know sealing leaks in your ducts can save you 20-40% on your cooling costs? Phoenix area homeowners can seal up and save even more with rebates up to $400 for qualified testing and repairs. First step is to schedule an energy assessment to test your duct system. We work with both APS and SRP customers to help solve home comfort and energy issues. Find out if leaky duct work is the problem, give us a call today to learn more. 480-326-9086.

Shade Screens – One of Most Effective and Affordable Energy Efficient Upgrades

Save money with Shade Screens and get money back!

SRP Shade Screen Rebate program makes installation even more affordable. According to SRP,  about 50% of the heat that enters your home comes through the windows. This makes shade screens one of the most effective and affordable energy-efficiency upgrades. While blocking heat gain, shade screens can protect your home’s interior from sun damage, provide added privacy and cut cooling costs by up to 25%.

Power down America can help you gain these benefits with professionally installed shade screens to keep your home cool this summer. Just call or email Pat Farrell for more information. or call today at 480-326-9086

Power Down America is rated #1 in energy savings by APS

Congratulations Power Down America!!! You are currently ranked #1 of all participating contractors for achieved savings with APS!! That’s a fantastic start to 2016.

Knew we saved our clients money and it is nice to know APS recognizes it as well.

Home Performance with Energy Star is a great program for homeowners to learn about their home energy use and how to fix any problems and save money.

Please contact Pat at 480-326-9086 for more information.

P.S. Do me a favor and give him a high-five or fist bump on the best contractor for overall savings, he is not one to brag so he probably won’t mention it. 🙂


Customer Feedback

With the new year, we wanted to learn what we did right and how we might improve in 2016. We reached out to ask our clients to give us honest feedback of Power Down America and the audit process. We let them choose the channel they wanted to use for the review and waited to see what we could learn.

Let’s hear from our clients:

“He was extremely thorough and discovered the problem that no one else had noticed, despite a multitude of previous inspections. We are extremely satisfied with his inspection, diagnosis and suggestions.”
Review By: Lyn and Sam L. Phoenix

“We scheduled Power Down America, LLC to come out to our house to evaluate it for energy loss. We were greatly pleased with the results and the professionalism of Power Down America. Thanks for all you did.”
Review By: Jim R. Surprise

“Pat with Power Down America performed a SRP energy audit because my home had variances in temps when trying to cool my home. I used floor fans in addition to my air conditioner to cool my home. Pat was very professional, explained how the audit is done and what to expect. After the audit Pat went over his findings, made recommendations to help improve temperature control. He provided a written copy which I provided to the company which performed the work. I have referred Power Down American to friends thinking of having an SRP audit done.”
Review By: Sara W. Sun Lakes


Saving Water – Smart Irrigation

Save water with smart irrigation.  With a smart controller you can save up to 20% more water than with a traditional controller. Now that is smart! If you would like to learn more about how to save water and money, you will want to attend the SRP Water Conservation Expo. The expo is March 5, 2016 and will  be held at the SRP PERA club at 1 E. Continental Drive, Tempe, AZ 85281.

The event runs from 8am until 1pm and you can register at or call 602-236-3333.  Learn how to save water, save substantial money on a smart outdoor irrigation controller, gain advice from landscape professionals, enjoy some family activities and more. Supplies are limited so they recommend to register and get there early.

Sustainability Festival

SRP and Arizona State University’s  Sustainable Solutions Festival is February 12-27th 2016.

This event brings the planet’s top sustainability organizations together to discover and explore how we can individually and collectively reimagine our lives and our planet. Check it out at

SRP Tips to lower energy use while on vacation

Great info courtesy of SRP.

Thinking of squeezing in one last vacation before the kids head back to school? What you might not know is that while you are away, your refrigerator, water heater and cooling system, along with a handful of smaller appliances, may be running almost as much as usual.

For quick trips:

  • Drape your windows: Before you leave close all the interior blinds and curtains to lower the amount of heat entering your home.
  • Cooling system: Set your AC between 82°-85°

For longer trips:

  • Refrigerators: If you’ll be away for a while turn your refrigerator to a warmer setting.
  • Small appliances: Unplug all non-security appliances including computers, TV, phones, chargers, etc.
  • Pool: Make sure the filter motor is on a timer and that proper chemical levels are maintained.

For more tips visit


Power Down America Partners with City of Scottsdale

Power Down America is proud to be the provider of energy assessments for the City of Scottsdale Housing Rehabilitation programs whose purpose is to improve the quality of lives for Scottsdale residents by providing safe and sanitary living conditions to low and moderate-income families.

For details go to:

You can also check out the City of Scottsdale’s Housing Rehabilitation Program video:

Plant a Tree, Save Money

Spend any time in Arizona in the summer and you really appreciate a nice shade tree. Besides providing cleaner air for us to breathe, they are also great for saving money on your summer cooling bills. The Arbor Day Foundation found that you could save up to 20% on your summer cooling bill by adding shade trees. A correctly positioned tree can shade your home from the heat of our desert sun and save you money.

SRP has a tree giveaway program where you can get FREE TREES! You must attend a workshop to learn how to care for the trees. The next class is starting soon, find out more at