Want to be more comfortable and spend less on your utility bills?
A home energy assessment from Power Down America will give you the information you need to start saving energy and money!

Our Mission

To provide Phoenix area homeowners with professional, honest solutions on how to improve the energy efficiency of their existing home. Power Down America will give you the knowledge to reduce utility bills, solve home comfort issues, improve indoor air quality, and conserve energy.

Save homeowners money with the $99 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Assessment.

Provide HERS Index ratings for Energy Efficient Mortgages so lenders and homeowners can make smart energy choices in their new or existing homes.

Pat Farrell
Energy Expert and owner of Power Down America

We are an ENERGY STAR® Partner, Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified, and Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater. HERS and BPI are the industry leaders in home energy audits. We have undergone both BPI the HERS training and certification and can provide home energy assessments and ratings. We don’t sell any products, instead we offer solid, building science information you can use to make your own informed buying decisions. We are an independent third party you can trust for answers to your home energy questions.

What is an energy audit or rating?

An energy audit is a series of diagnostic tests designed to detect and quantify the amount of air leakage through the buildings shell. With this audit you will know where your home energy inefficiencies are located and be given professional advice on how to correct them by priority.

Can I benefit from an energy audit?

Yes, if:

  • You suspect your monthly utility bill is too much based on the size of your home
  • You are interested in saving money on your utilities
  • You want to improve air quality for you and your family
  • You have uneven room temperatures
  • You would like to increase comfort in your home
  • You want to reduce your impact on the environment
How does this save me money on my utilities?

You will be able to know where you can gain efficiency and reduce energy usage by improving your home with a mix of proper air sealing, insulation and/or weatherization.
We can advise you on these improvements and give you suggestions for saving money immediately. Some utility companies offer special programs and discounts to Arizona homeowners for energy assessments and we can help you identify these programs.

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